Contract Staffing Services

Comprehensive Staffing Solutions

Staffing Solutions Company in India delivering Contract Staffing Agency and Temporary Staffing consultant Services

Pay Bharat is fully committed in providing staffing solutions across industry sectors and diverse functional disciplines and is among the leading staffing agencies in India.

Professionally managed by a visionary team of management professionals with extensive industry experience and track record. Pay Bharat offers an extensive HR services such as: end-to-end HR, payroll processing and administration services, recruitment services including contract staffing solutions, temporary staffing consultancy services in India and workforce staffing services.

At Pay Bharat we offer various staffing solutions to meet specific client requirements such as:

Contract Staffing

Our contract staffing services assigns staff to support or supplement client’s workforce during employee leave periods, absences, temporary skill shortages, seasonal workloads, and special projects. Temporary jobs can also lead to permanent placements.

Placement Services

Pay Bharat’s placement services  brings together qualified and experienced job seekers and potential employers for permanent employment.

Long-Term Staffing

Pay Bharat  as the leading staffing agency identifies and sources employees to work in the long-term. Pay Bharat’s long term staffing service includes: recruitment, screening and selection.

Why PayBharat Contract-Staffing?

Pay Bharat’s personalised contract staffing or temp staffing agencies facilitate our clients to reduce operating costs related, thereby enabling them to focus on its core business areas. Great emphasis is laid on the structure and design of the solutions offered to ensure that the requirements of the clients in terms of sourcing the right candidates across India are met within the expected time frames. Our process driven methodologies backed up by strict adherence to compliance enhances the value proposition to our clients. Pay Bharat’s team of dedicated and qualified specialist recruiters and process enablers ensures that transparent, efficient and effective processes are in place to cater to all the staffing requirements of our clients.

Have a Question?

Here are answers to questions that arise frequently while availing staffing solution services from Pay Bharat. Please contact us for clarifications that may not appear here.

Pay Bharat employs multiple recruitment strategies. We have established a referral system with rewards. Pay Bharat staffing experts are engaged in identifying good candidates full time. Our staff and management conduct and attend job fairs and have established an excellent network of sources in the staffing solutions domain.

Definitely. That’s how we at Pay Bharat manage to zero in on good quality staffing solutions. We have established certain standard operating procedures for screening candidates over and above deployment of all our common sense to the full extent.

We move fast, as fast as possible. Therefore, based on requirement and talent availability we will work on identifying candidates immediately on request.

Notify Pay Bharat’s support staff and on your request and we will understand the situation & arrange a replacement at the earliest.

Certainly, We will swing into action the moment we receive your emergency request and rest only after a staff with the right skills is found and placed in position.