Payroll Outsourcing

Payroll Processing Company Provides Payroll Management and Outsourcing Payroll Management to India

Leading the Way in Accurate & Quality Payroll Processing Services

Recognised as the leading payroll management companies in India, Pay Bharat’s highly  efficient payroll processing services enables client organisation’s to streamline payroll management, achieve optimal productivity and attain effective administration.

With years of experience in payroll outsourcing services for organisations of all sizes, we at Pay Bharat customize payroll outsourcing specifically for each of our client’s.

Organizations gain multiple benefits when payroll management agency process is undertaken professionally. Payroll outsourcing services offers enhanced staff satisfaction with efficient and payroll processing in addition to driving sharper focus and clarity on the organisation’s core strengths. Large, medium or small, organisations of all sizes gain from outsourcing payroll management to an experienced company such as Pay Bharat.

We present the key benefits from payroll outsourcing services:

  • Achieve Substantial Cost Reductions
  • Accurate and on schedule payments
  • Payroll managed through cutting-edge-technology
  • Enhanced security
  • On-demand service
  • Stay compliant and up-to-date with State Laws

Payroll Management Outsourcing

At PayBharat, our core service offering and expertise is payroll outsourcing services. We realise that managing a company’s payroll carries many complexities including staying abreast of legislative compliance changes, ensuring adequate back up plans are maintained and consistently meeting time pressures in an ever changing environment.

Advantages of outsourcing payroll processing services

  • Minimal transaction costs
  • 100% up-to-date employee data
  • Zero delay in employee pay-outs
  • Data confidentiality and security is maintained by multi-tiered checks
  • Trained team of professionals manage payroll processing
  • Adherence to planned timelines
The key offerings of our payroll service include:

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Outsourcing payroll processing to Pay Bharat means optimal efficiency, cost effectiveness and improved focus on your core strengths to fully concentrate on business with the confidence that your payroll processing is managed by professionals.

Pay Bharat provides payroll processing services across the country. Pay Bharat also delivers end-to-end HR, payroll, administration, contract and permanent workforce services across India. We deliver solutions by providing standardisation and integration of services through an optimised delivery model for a wide range of companies – big and small.

Certainly. Simply provide all historical data and our experienced team at Pay Bharat will seamlessly take over and start your payroll processing.

We at Pay Bharat provide end-to-end HR, payroll processing and administration services, recruitment services including contract workforce staffing services.

We will custom create reporting systems around your business model and requirements.

Payroll Management Services Across India

PayBharat team work on finding solutions and streamlines clients’ payroll processes. Our team of experts is committed to providing consistent, accurate, and timely processing of your company’s payroll. We focus on maintaining compliance at all times and strive to continually review and improve our processes to better serve our clients.

This allows us to deliver efficient and effective payroll outsourcing services throughout India and a further 22 countries in Asia-Pac and the Middle East.

When a client first joins our BPO Payroll Service offering, we undertake an extensive business process review to streamline the clients’ payroll processing, workflow and treasury functions, removing delays and providing consistency and accuracy to the payroll process. Post implementation, we then transact for the client its payroll process, disburse employee payroll and lodge all statutory submissions (including taxation, pension & provident funds and other social benefits).

Payroll processing is conducted on a combination of the Group’s proprietary and partner technology. Exceptional service is key to our value proposition and HCM BPO operations are governed by accreditations with ISO9001 and ISO/IEC27001