Who We Are

Pay Asia Management Pvt. Ltd. is a company registered under the companies’ act of 1956. PayBharat is a wholly owned brand of Pay Asia Management Pvt Ltd, providing outsourced solutions to our clients across Asia Pacific. Our focus is to provide a high quality service that is flexible, cost effective and dynamic to meet our clients ongoing and changing requirements.

Our philosophy is simple - to help our clients to grow through providing process driven solutions supported by technology. Our clients can then focus on the business of growing their business.

Our operations are spread across several countries in Asia Pacific to ensure we can deliver solutions that meet local requirements, provide a geographically spread business continuity capability with a single, centralised point of contact for client interaction.

Our management team is experienced in the delivery of managed services in Asia Pacific and are continually looking for ways to improve the delivery of solutions to our clients business challenges. We have built a team focused on working with our clients to create a streamlined approach to payroll administration.