At PayBharat, our core service offering and expertise is outsourced managed payroll services. We realize that managing a company’s payroll carries many complexities including staying abreast of legislative compliance changes, ensuring adequate back up plans are maintained, and consistently meeting time pressures in an ever changing environment. We are here to help manage our clients HR business processes.

PayBharat solves and streamlines our clients’ payroll processes. Our team of experts is committed to providing Consistent, Accurate, and Timely processing of your companies payroll. We focus on maintaining compliance at all times and strive to continually review and improve our processes to better serve our clients. This allows us to deliver efficient and effective outsourced payroll services throughout India.

The key offerings of our payroll service include:

  • Management of all employee data related to payroll
  • Gross to Net calculations
  • Standardized reporting
  • Banking solutions to streamline the process of funding through to employee pay
  • Compliant reporting & Lodgement submission throughout India


Payroll Solutions


Payroll Reports
Banking Service
Lodgement Service